Medical Floating Spa:

Come to the relaxing pleasure of weightlessness and relax deeply in our private ambience.

'Floating' - weightless floating in salubrious magnesium sulfate brine - is a highly efficient method for deep relaxation and recovery of body and mind. The high density of the body-warm salt makes us light as a cork, and this state of weightlessness allows us a pervading relaxation and relief of all joints, tendons and muscles. We just let go of everything and at the same time feel at ease - a sustainable experience that is able to build up and enhance our quality of life substantially!

Our spa consists of two generous bathrooms, which are available to you or you as a couple in private privacy for 90 minutes. Targeted reduction of irritation in the quiet and light-damped (even completely darkened) rooms enables our brain and nervous system to revitalize free from disturbing impulses in a very short time.

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